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Learn English while traveling by car

When you're a busy employee, it can be challenging to find time to learn new skills, especially when the skills you're choosing are something you can't learn on the job, like learning another language.

For example, many professionals hope to improve their employability by learning English, but they may struggle to attend classes or follow traditional study habits. However, being busy isn't a reason to miss out on this opportunity. In fact, many of us have more time than we think. Here are some ideas on how to integrate English language learning into a busy day.

Use Multiple Devices

If traditional learning routines don't work for you, neither will traditional learning materials. Forget textbooks, notebooks, and folders you used in your school days and adopt a more digital approach to help you learn using devices like smartphones, iPads, or tablets. Even your bulky laptop can come in handy when you're on the go. Make the most of your time by using devices that allow you to access information quickly and efficiently, as well as English language apps that teach you the knowledge you need.

Learn English Anytime, Anywhere

If you commute to work by train, tram, bus, or subway, your commute time is a convenient time to learn. After all, you're not doing anything else. Simply swap your novels, computer games, or newspapers for apps that can help you learn English for business, and you can start using them. Think about it: if your journey takes at least 30 minutes, you'll quickly reach the required weekly study time.

Learn Languages During Lunch

Another often overlooked part of the day is lunchtime, which is a great time to learn. Instead of sitting at your desk and browsing news sites or Facebook, find a quiet place where you can focus on your work vocabulary while eating. Better yet, if you know someone who speaks English, why not ask them to have lunch with you and practice your skills? Not only will it help improve your English, but it will also put you in a better mood for the afternoon break during the weekdays.

The success of learning English with limited time depends on choosing topics that suit your needs. There are plenty of English language learning apps available that cater to the needs of busy professionals who want to learn English on the go. These apps are available on iPad® and Android™ tablets and smartphones, designed to provide flexible learning for those who want to focus on learning English anytime, anywhere.

These apps offer multiple levels of English language learning and include hundreds of hours of interactive lessons, such as video lessons that allow you to listen to natural English, and high-definition short films designed to help improve English vocabulary. Plus, all content is accessible offline—making it perfect for mornings when you're doing nothing during your commute or during crises. 

As experts in teaching English, we also ensure that students don't miss out on the benefits of classroom learning. Our app includes English pronunciation and the option to take teacher-led in-person lessons.

Immersing yourself in the language is one of the secrets to successfully learning a new language. Having an app that allows you to continue learning at different times of the day is a great way to achieve this goal, especially when combined with other techniques like watching movies and reading the news. To see how far this method can take you, try one of these apps now.